Frequently Asked Questions

Where does em-om operate?

em-om is an online platform and is therefore global by nature; Having said that, our initial focus is to cater for the Middle East, including the Levant and the GCC, and for people from the Middle East living abroad.

What services does em-om offer?

em-om, through its online platform, will be connecting people seeking home care services with people providing such services. Currently em-om is offering Newborn Care services, which will soon be followed by Travel Care and Au Pair services.

  • Newborn Care is a service offered to parents when a child is born by certified maternity nurses or by practitioners who help parents during the day, at night or full time. The care provider typically comes to the house following the birth of the baby for days, weeks, months and in some cases years to help parents attend for their child’s daily needs including feeding, sleeping and care routines. Some newborn care providers may be specialised in specific areas such as breast feeding, taking care of kids with special needs, taking care of twins or triplets etc.
  • The Travel Care service is for families who travel for holidays and are unable or do not want to take their nannies with them for the trip to assist them with the children. Through em-om, families may reach out to a child care provider based in the country of destination, either through an agency or directly to individuals listed on the platform.
  • An Au Pair is a young person between the age of 18 and 35 who is either a student, a fresh graduate or someone who has not yet fully settled in a job and who is looking for a new temporary experience or exposure. Such person would be looking to move-in with a family for a determined period of time and to assist with child care and sometimes with few chores around the house. Families may be interested in hiring au pairs either for the summer or for longer periods of time, usually to introduce or emphasise a new language at home or to provide quality care for the kids through young energetic individuals who can help with homework and extra-curricular activities etc. 

A wide range of other services that revolve around home and family care will follow at later stages. 

Can I talk directly to a representative of em-om?

The customers may send their requests to em-om via email on and we shall aim to respond within 24h to 48h.

How do I close my account?

For the time being, you may send an email to and the em-om team will close it for you within 24h to 48h from receiving the email.

How can I edit my profile?

If you are using the em-om application, click on “Profile” then on “Edit Profile” and make the necessary changes. If you are using the website, please click on “Profile” then on “Edit Profile” and make the necessary changes. Please note that if you are a caregiver and you are making a change to your picture or to the Bio, the em-om team will need to approve the changes before they are made public.

Can I post a review on the platform?

As we totally understand the importance of having reviews on a platform like em-om, we are working on this feature and we shall be introducing it to our platform soon.

How can I reset my password?

For the mobile application, go to your “profile”, click on “settings” and “reset the password”. 

For the website, browse through, then go to “profile”, “edit”, and “reset the password” there.

Will the payment be dealt with directly between the parents and the caregiver or does it happen via em-om?

The payment is strictly between the parents and the caregiver, em-om is just a liaison connecting the two parties.

Does em-om take any commission on any bookings?

em-om doesn’t take any commission on any bookings, the family pays directly to the caregiver based on the pre-agreed terms.

How many caregiver profiles will I have access to?

You will have access to the profiles of all the caregivers that signed up on the platform. You can narrow your search by using our wide range of filters.

Can I talk to the caregiver directly?

By signing up to em-om, parents may send instant messages to the caregivers and may ask them for their contact details if they wish to speak with them directly through a voice or video call.

How do I post a request for a caregiver on the application?

Signing up to the platform allows you to send the caregiver an instant private message where you may exchange information and get to know each other. You may also exchange phone numbers to pursue the dialogue further. Alternatively, and if there is not a specific caregiver that is of interest to you or if you do not want to browse through many profiles, you may use the “Post a Job” option which you may find by clicking on “Jobs”, then “Post a Job” and fill all the required fields. Once you have done this step, your post will appear automatically to all listed caregivers. You shall start receiving requests via the instant private messages asking you about this position.

How do I post a request for a caregiver on the website?

Go to, browse through the provider list or go to “Jobs” and post one.

If I post a job on the application, does it automatically appear on the platform?

Yes, it will appear automatically on the platform.

Should I inform em-om once I decide to book a caregiver?

No em-om doesn’t need to be informed once the parents find a caregiver through the platform.

Can I book more than one caregiver at the time?

You may book as many caregivers as you wish. There is no limitation from em-om on this.

Does em-om have the police record for the nanny?

No, em-om does not have the police record for the nanny. However, we strongly recommend that an updated version of such document be submitted to the family prior to any hire. Additionally, we advise the family to ask for other documents including medical records, reference letters, certificates, etc. before proceeding with the hiring process. We also recommend setting up several face-to-face interviews or otherwise video calls, if not located in the same country.

Do all the caregivers have qualifications?

Not all the caregivers may be certified in their domain, some of them may be experienced through practice rather than through education or professional training. Please make sure to ask the caregiver for all documents you need to ensure you are hiring the right fit for you. We therefore advise you to ask the caregiver for all documents you need to make sure you are hiring the right fit for you.

Do you display the years of experience for the caregiver?

The years of experience are displayed for the caregiver on the application and the website.

Does em-om run a background check on caregivers before they go online?

For the time being, em-om does not do due diligence on caregivers. However, we strongly recommend that families ask for the necessary documents including medical records, police record, references, diplomas, past trainings, CV, first aid certificate, blood test, and reach out to several references before going through with the hiring process.

What do you recommend we do to make sure a caregiver is the right one for us?

For a caregiver to be a good fit, they first need to qualify for the job based on the requirements you have set. You may use the “Refine” option that is available on the em-om application and website to facilitate your search. Apply all the filters that you think are relevant to find the right caregiver that matches your specific needs. Some filters like “Type of Service”, “Languages”, “Availability” and “Location” will help parents browse more easily through profiles of caregivers that fit their requirements. Afterwards, you may chat with the caregiver through em-om’s instant messaging facility to get a better sense of the person. If the caregiver has ticked all the right boxes so far, then maybe it’s time to take this further and start the verification and interview process. Do not forget to assess if the caregiver is compatible with your family also from a personality perspective.

Can I have access to the platform without paying the subscription fees?

For the time being, the platform is accessible for free for all users, families and caregivers. However, we do plan to introduce a subscription plan at a later stage. All users will be notified of this in due course.